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  1. Team

    The business Team Our 30 employees are among the best in the industry. With strategic recruiting, Fritz Häcker attracted employees with highly qualified...
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  2. Data Privacy

    Data Protection Declaration / Privacy Statement We appreciate your visiting our website and the interest shown in our company. The...
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  3. Top Tack Info

    Top Tack Info Protein adhesives Protein adhesives are made of gelatine, a product made out of the lower skin layers of hide, a leftover from the leather...
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    GELTACK technical gelatine GELTACK is a technical gelatine of excellent quality, perfect to process, and without ecological hazards. GELTACK is prepared with...
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  5. GELMELT® Downloads

    GELMELT® GELMELT® Downloads t echnical data sheet GELMELT 013 t echnical data sheet GELMELT 035 t echnical data sheet GELMELT 052 t echnical data sheet...
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