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In 1885 Fritz Häcker incorporated the company in the Swabian town of Vaihingen an der Enz and started the production of glues. In 1930, the company already produced six tons of skin glue per day. In these decades, skin glue had been dominating the adhesive market. From the fifties to the nineties, Fritz Häcker has been the leading German glue provider.

By 1999/2000 the production output was more than 3,000 tons of technical gelatines per year.

  This means: Every year, Fritz Häcker processed more than 20,000 tons of raw materials from the leather industry. The company’s own water power plant, its sewage purification system and its steam generator with ten tons of steam per hour supported the production on its facilities of approximately four hectares.

The year 2003 brought a major strategic change. Its gelatine production ceased in the course of restructuring. Ever since, Fritz Häcker is refining high quality, third party gelatines into different first class protein adhesive products, and this with great success and high growth potential.

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