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Fritz Häcker GmbH & Co. KG in Vaihingen / Enz‚ Germany is a leading global provider of protein adhesives and technical gelatine, realizing annual sales revenues between eight and nine million Euros.

Since 1965, Fritz Häcker is producing a protein adhesive under the brand name „PLAKAL“. This adhesive is customized to meet exactly the needs of mechanical bookcover production. Ready-to-use adhesives PLAKAL Covertack, GELBOND and GELMELT have been developed for other applications. The gelatines GELTACK and MATCHTACK round off the product range.
  Until the beginning of the new millennium, Häcker had produced more than 3,000 tons of gelatine a year on facilities of more than four hectares. The migration of the leather industry, the supplier of the raw material for gelatine production, and the ever stricter environmental restrictions caused the company to cease its gelatine production and alter its business strategy.  Gelatine production has been replaced by the acquisition and refining of granulated gelatine used in the production of protein adhesives. Fritz Häcker’s know-how of gelatine production and its processing into an adhesive is unrivalled all over the world.

Sustainability and versatility are the special strengths of Fritz-Häcker-products. They rank among the world’s most future-orientated natural products. “We are perfectly set for future growth”, managing director Ralf J. Müller proudly states.

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