gentle to soft papers

GELBOND®-products have been developed for gluing individual layers of toilet papers, kitchen paper towels or paper towels (tissue and towel tacking). The protein adhesive is suitable also for gluing wood, glass wool, or Styrofoam. GELBOND® is resistant against organic solvents and high temperatures (up to approx. 200°C) and  is free of ecologic or health hazards.

Substitute for Hotmelt and Dispersion

GELBOND® combines the characteristics of hotmelt and dispersion. As with hotmelt, the tack is immediate. Like dispersions it establishes a physical bond. GELBOND® is also an innovative substitute for dispersions, starches, or hotmelts.

GELBOND: Benefits
  • Clean application, exact dosage
  • Application weights less than 1 gram per square meter
  • Tissue remains soft and elastic
  • Not poisonous
  • Recyclable
  • Water soluble
  • Processing temperature 45-65°C: injuries by burns are excluded

You will find all information on the protein glue GELBOND under our GELBOND-product information.
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