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In times of ecological reconsideration, issues of environmental friendliness and biodegradability are getting more and more pressing. Products from sustainable raw materials will be the future – for adhesives as well. The protein adhesives made by Fritz Häcker are in line with this tendency. Protein adhesives are jellies based on gelatine and other natural components, combining top tack and environmental friendliness.

In more than 125 years of corporate history, the company Fritz Häcker has acquired unrivalled expertise in determining the characteristics of gelatine and expert know-how on the formulation of jellies. Bookbinding used to just be a craft, but has long since developed to become the graphic industry. Today, this industry uses high-speed machines with high frequency rates and a large number of different substrates.

Strong tack, clean processing

These raised demands require the use of selected raw materials. The selection of the perfect gelatine is vital. The gelatine is the heart of every jelly formula and is responsible for the “tack” or adhesion of the jelly.

The disadvantage of gelatines with a strong “tack” is their high viscosity which makes them difficult to process cleanly on the machines. Manufacturer Fritz Häcker however found the solution: quality products now known under the names  PLAKAL, PLAKAL Covertack, GELBOND, GELMELT and GELTACK which made Fritz Häcker one of the world’s leading providers of protein adhesives.
  Quality product know-how

Next to product quality and application technology, consulting with our customers is essential. The large number of substrates to be glued under very different climatic conditions often requires little adjustments in the machine settings or the jelly. Well trained and experienced employees and agents who know and master the product and its applications are part of the overall quality of our adhesive product portfolio. We are proud of our application technology and development employees, as well as of our competent agencies all over the world.

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