PLAKAL "Covertack"

Laminates and plastic foils in high-grade packaging must not disintegrate, not even under extreme weather conditions. For the high requirements of manufacturers of decorative boxes and laminated products, Fritz Häcker developed the innovative product range "PLAKAL Covertack“. Covertack connects cardboard with plastic foil, cellophane-covered papers, painted surfaces and other critical wrapping materials, and can be processed cleanly.

The product range „PLAKAL Covertack“ includes:

Covertack 520 for manual processing

Covertack 531 for high-speed laminating and box production systems

Covertack 535 for semi-automatic production and slower systems

  Covertack 541 for laminating and coating machines, as well as machines for production of round packages

Covertack 544 V for plastic foils and other very difficult surfaces

Covertack 550 for the production of small puzzle parts or large-format displays


For more information please see PLAKAL Covertack and our technical data sheets.

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