125 years Fritz Häcker

In 1885 the businessman Fritz Häcker founded a small skin glue production in Vaihingen an der Enz in the Swabian region. This enterprise was a success right from the start. In the beginning, the sole equipment was a second hand wash kettle, a glue press, and a basin to catch up the glue broth. For decades, long into the nineties, Fritz Häcker has been the leading manufacturer of technical gelatines in Europe.

Royal product protein adhesive

Industrialisation, rationalisation, environmental restrictions and the migration of the leather industry to foreign countries led to the end of glue production in Vaihingen. Since 2003, the company is buying granulated gelatines from third parties. Based on the protein adhesive PLAKAL which had been developed in 1965, Häcker offers today a wide range of adhesive products for very different materials and processing machines. Thus the future is bright for natural adhesives.

Klebstoff von Fritz Häcker

  Adhesives across borders

Today in 2010, Fritz Häcker GmbH & Co. KG is the leading global provider of protein adhesives based on gelatine (called „jelly glue“or „gelatine based adhesives“). Our experts develop the perfect adhesive formula for every customer, for every application and for every type of machinery – whether for the production of folders, for the production of up to 200,000 hardcover books a day or for the production of passports. The perfect adhesion („top tack“) is combined in perfect harmony with ecology, sustainability and without health hazards.

Managing director Ralf J. Müller is very confident that Fritz Häcker GmbH & Co KG is well prepared for the future: „The latest challenges are for us always a stimulus to offer our customers the best  adhesive, and to be trendsetting in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness, all at the same time“, he says.  Success proves him right: In 2010, Häcker booked two-digit sales growth rates with the pilot product PLAKAL.

You will find more press articles covering 125 years of Fritz Häcker in the newspaper “Vaihinger Zeitung” or in the “Bindereport”.
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