Protein adhesives

Ecology - Innovation - Tradition

Protein adhesives by Fritz Häcker are leading internationally in the production of:
  • Bookcovers (hardcover), book spines, folders
  • Decorative boxes, board games, package for games, displays
  • Foldable boxes for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries
  • Binding agents for matchtips

Fritz Häcker is…

A pioneer:
a market-oriented company providing innovative answers to questions of ecological adhesion.

Naturally ecological:
…a sustainably operated company exclusively refining renewable natural raw materials based on protein.

Innovative by tradition:
… in 2010 the company was looking back on 125 years of corporate history. The use of gelatine as an adhesive has been known for more than 4,000 years.

  An international leader:
…protein adhesives by Fritz Häcker are products of great global reputation. The export quota is over 75%. Thanks to our global distribution network, our partners are close to you – wherever you are.

Personally and eye-to-eye with the customer:
...a medium-range enterprise, not bound by a group, with direct contacts and fast decision-making processes.


Protein adhesives are future-orientated and recyclable without residues. Our products


PLAKAL Covertack



for immediate and perfect tack.
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